What is a stroke and what does it do to your body?

A stroke occurs when the bloodflow is cut off. As a result brain cells begin to die which leads to the loss of memory and muscle control. Recovery can only start when your brain accepts your improvement. You didn‘t loose your muscles but the control over them. Strokes can happen at any age any time. The project is inspired by the mirror therapy to trigger your thoughts.

How does the mirror therapy work?

Place one hand in front of a mirror while the other is placed behind. Once you start moving both hands symmetrically your brain will adapt the reflection with the non visible hand. So why not take advantage of your functional hand to help the other one. Be your own puppet player. 

What should the product achieve?

The product should help regain the dexterity of the patient as well as the most affected: the fine motor skills. A motivational feedback is included to help the patient recover in a playfull way. I wanted to distance this product from the typical rehabilation genre towards an experience and adventure to feel joy.

What is joy in this specific context?

It is the achievement and the result while and after the patient‘s practice. Resulting a stroke the patient might not be able to move one side of his body. With this origin the practice has to be intuitive, easy and uncomplicated. The Pin Table consists of two fields generated through several pins. Those pins share a connection with the opposite underneath. 

How is the transmission of a movement from one pin to the other possible?

A hydraulical system passes the motion on to the other side. Once you apply pressure to a pin by placing your hands on the two fields the water filled in the tubes has to evade. The opposite pin will transform the position into a vertical motion.
You will recieve the opposite movement.

Every motion is a suprise. Be your own puppet player.