The moment we were born, our voice took vital actions. We cried to to fill our lungs with air. We hear sounds everyday and every night. Sounds that our own body achieves. Our auditive sense has great power over our actions. Bodies react to sound with the highest response rate. We hear sounds at all times. Sounds originated from our and other bodies, nature and especially machines. Machines are challenging our auditiv perception. Electronic devices have increased our exposure to sounds, everywhere. The sound of many devices has been introduced to our auditive experience and everyday life. Our environments have become loud.

Have you ever consciously spoke to yourself just to hear your own voice?

Our voice is the device nature gave us to communicate with one another. Our own voice can be emotional to listen to. It is a strange but intense feeling. The objects lead sound directly to your ears. They are part of a sensory experience. An installation which is only hearable for the listener/s when interacting with the objects.