Today bicycle helmets are very rare companions in our daily lifes. They have this specific look, which does not only make them unattractive but especially not practical to carry around. 

A helmet is limiting what we can or can not do when riding the bike. 

Everything that comes in contact with our body or especially what changes our outward appearance is challenging to create. A helmet will only keep you safe from the surrounding traffic if you actually wear it. I wanted to give the typical helmet a whole new look and therefore a new chance to establish itself. 

The feature differing Kalimero from the competitors is the ability to fold flat perfectly and to stow away easily as well, giving you the freedom you need while and after taking your bike out for a ride. 

To maintain the shape of the folding technique and especially hold on to the fact that Kalimero should be able to fold flat as small as possible I had to minimize the materials. 

The helmet was made out of three layers: mesh fabric holding together the inner layer made out of numerous 0.3 mm thick PVC triangles arranged to form the pattern.

Pockets provide an ideal footing for the triangles sewed into the mesh fabric. The material of the straps is leather to make them tear resistant and elastic.