Hairless areas are able to differ smallest contrasts: tounge, lips, fingers and the soles of the feet, where we develop a protection layer, the callus, making us feel less. They protect us but distract from our inner world.

Feet ground us. They connect our body and planet Earth almost all the time. Shoes prevent direct contact with mother nature and the outside world.
Shoes allow us to hide. Their creation focusses more on the outside than on the part we actually touch and feel.

This project focusses on the sole of a shoe to form a new tangency. A tangency we were not aware of before.

This project focusses on transmitting contact without surrendering the actual sole, challenging your perception.

'Contact the ground with the most sensetive part of your body. Feel yourself and everything else existing. Focus on your inner world: your thoughts, your feelings, your boundaries. Question your physical existence. Question your corporal capability. Know your sensory perception.'