• Born in Cologne, Germany in 1994

  • Enrolled at the School of Design Pforzheim, Bachelor of Arts Industrialdesign

  • Product Design Intern for Studio Dror in New York from 03/2017 until 02/2018

I am engaging social, economic and existential topics everyday. My design projects and artistic objects should visualize questions and offer aesthetically convincing solutions. As a designer, I never want to lose sight of the world in which we live, but rather consciously and openly study it, sensitize the viewers or users of my objects/projects, arouse amazement and reflection and stimulate conscious debate.

My projects should help society to better read and understand its environment. I want to contribute to a better interaction with each other and create a stronger awareness and a greater appreciation of our world.

Philosophical and scientific reading has influenced me. Words have the power to create unique images and foster imagination. As a designer it is very important to allow my thoughts full bent.

As part of my studies, I question many areas of society. I am always looking for new inspiration, idealistic and material. With each of my concepts and objects I want to tell a story.