• Cologne, Germany, 1994

  • Bachelor of Arts Industrialdesign, School of Design Pforzheim, 2019

  • Product Design Intern at Studio Dror, New York, 03/2017 - 02/2018

Due to an intense exchange and constant renegotiations with surrounding factors, including scientific and philosophical approaches, water has become the center of an ongoing project and path.
Can the thought of and even the word stasis exist, while steering towards a more sustainable environment and ecological thinking. Shouldn’t we be thinking of the world as an intricate system of processes fading into one another?

We can think of the world as made up of things. Of something that is. Or we can think of the world made up of events. Of something that occurs.” - Rovelli, Carlo. The Order of Time. Penguin Books Ltd, 2018.

As a designer with an interdisciplinary and artistic approach within philosophy and science, I hope to establish unique approaches together with inspiring characters and institutions, sensitize viewers, arouse amazement and reflection and stimulate conscious debate.